"Everyone discusses art and pretends to understand, as if it were necessary to understand, when it is simply necessary to love."

-Claude Monet

Relax, it's just art.

The RedDot Culture was born out of a passion for buying accessible artwork by talented, emerging artists that we love without the intimidation of a gallery’s stark white walls. We collaborate directly with contemporary artists from around the world to offer a thoughtfully curated selection of paintings, prints, works on paper and photographs–available exclusively on RedDot–to anyone, anywhere.

Meet the founder

Lily Stone has spent over sixteen years immersed in the art world. That’s sixteen years of walking into galleries, auction houses and artist studios and saying “um, I don’t get it.” Sixteen years of being told what art she should buy. The rules of the art world were murky at best, the galleries unwelcoming, and the barrier of entry unrealistically high. It took sixteen years for Lily to start buying what she loved, and not what she was told to love. Everyone should be buying art this way, and so the idea for the RedDot Culture was born.

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