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Founder Favorites

We asked our founder, Lily Stone, for her favorite works to gift as well as the pieces at the top of her own holiday wish list.

"I'm so happy we launched Laura Welshan's "Flores de Mexico" series in time for the holiday. Her graphic, one-of-a-kind floral works come in a variety of sizes, so there truly is something for every wall!"

"It was hard to pick just one of Nealy’s color blocked watercolors. I chose “Madaket” because I have a special fondness for the island of Nantucket."

Monet is one of my favorite artists, and Anna Tork’s “Waterlillies” is a vibrant and contemporary update to the French Impressionist’s favorite subject.

“Picante” probably epitomizes the RedDot ethos – “relax, it’s just art” – better than any other piece on the site."

"Ellen Sherman is a master at layering her media while maintaining her incredible colors."

"Erin Patton-McFarren creates her cyanotpe pieces using only water, sun and paper. Her calming, cerulean works make me feel connected to the earth."

"Sloane King’s painstaking process involves meticulous precision; she creates pattern from randomness to create a minimalist masterwork in 'Sea Moss'."

"Amelia Rosales' torn collages force her to relinquish control to the rebellious paper. I love how her works are unexpected and unplanned."

"Elizabeth Becker creates a dialogue between the negative space and her brushstrokes. Simple sophistication."

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