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In the Spotlight: Nealy Hauschildt

Nealy Hauschildt’s paintings explore the natural world through color and shape. Highly expressive in style, her luminous watercolors capture the essence of land, sea, and sky and explore our innate attraction to these fundamental elements. Hauschildt channels her feelings toward nature into washes of paint, layering transparencies of color, to achieve soft and subtle undulations. We sat down with Nealy to learn more about her inspirations and motivations for creating these stunning works.

Are you a full time or part time artist?

Full time

What is your favorite medium?


Navy Beach | Watercolor on French Archival Paper | $375

When did your career as an artist begin?


What is a common misconception about contemporary artists?

That we are starving!

What is the most surprising thing you have discovered about your collectors?

Their creativity!

What is your most unorthodox source of inspiration?

Fruit at the grocery store.

What is your one piece of advice for people who want to start collecting art?

Always buy what you love and you’ll never go wrong. Loving a piece can also mean it intrigues you, perplexes you, or makes you think about it longer than usual – if a piece of art is grabbing your attention, trust your gut.

Nealy Hauschildt, in her studio

What is the last piece of art you bought and loved?

A vibrant Deborah Hamon painting named Small Big Sky.

What is your first thought when you walk into an art gallery?

I want to know more about the meaning behind this artist’s work! Tell me more.

If you didn't live in Brooklyn, where would you live?


What is the last great art show you saw?

Future Art Fair. It’s the second year of the show, and the first show I’ve been to in-person since the pandemic began. There’s something more special now to gathering in person than ever before.

What would we find if we opened your Spotify?

Mostly true crime or paranormal podcasts. Classic and light rock for music, sometimes classical.

What artist(/artists), living or dead, would you…

…Follow on Instagram?

Agnes Martin

Agnes Martin, Untitled #10, Courtesy of Pace Gallery

…Like to have drinks with?

Gene Davis

...Have over for dinner?

Helen Frankenthaler

Explore Nealy's entire RedDot collection here!

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