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Spotlight on: Lauren Marttila

Lauren moved to Nantucket from New York City almost a decade ago and has been taking breathtaking beach photographs ever since. We sat down with Lauren to talk about advice for new collectors, her fantasy dinner table and unorthodox artistic inspiration!

My favorite medium is: Photography I started creating in: I’ve loved using a camera since I was a kid, but I’d say 2016 was a defining year. 
I am a full time / part-time artist: Part-time – in the fiscal sense, ha. Is anyone ever really one thing full time? 
A common misconception about contemporary artists is: that we couldn’t possibly have something profound to say. The most surprising thing I’ve discovered about collectors is:
 They really want to get to know the artist. The work may draw them in, but ultimately it is all about the human connection.

Storm's A Comin' | 24x36" | Edition of 100 | $448

My most unorthodox source of inspiration is: Interior design. 
The one piece of advice I would give people who want to start collecting art is: If there is a place you love, seek out local artists. A few more questions. Living or dead... ...what artist would you follow on Instagram?
 Pablo Picasso (hoping he would have a lot of cute pictures of Lump, his dachshund).

Pablo Picasso in his studio with Lump

...what artist would you most like to have drinks with? I’d rather take them on a sunset chase. ...what artists are at your dinner party table? Donald Jurney, Sally King Benedict, Erin Clark, Alex Cave, Kate Holstein, Pablo Picasso Shop Lauren's work here! Sign up now for more artist (and collector) interviews!
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