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Emerging abstract painter Sarala Kasbe uses her work to establish a connection with herself. Through painting, she has begun to find a sense of purpose and self-compassion.

Sarala graduated from college and moved to Boston to pursue a career in marketing. The pandemic was truly a wake up call, and for the first time in her life, she began to reevaluate her chosen goals and ambitions. Through this process, she decided to change the way she lived, abandoning the plan laid by others and instead, pivoting towards a road with no map, guided purely by her instinct and curiosity. She now resides in Austin, TX as a full-time artist.

What is your favorite medium?

Oil on canvas, but also acrylic with cold wax on canvas. Blending mediums this way helps break down my own weakness, regrets, and anxieties – allowing beauty to emerge from pain. The patience that oil requires is a metaphor for how she sees life: a journey with many layers.

When I walk into an art gallery, my first thought is:

Holy shit, these pieces. So much vulnerability, I want to know more about their story and why they create.

If I didn’t live in Austin, TX, I would live in Greece. 

The last great art show I saw was:

Jackson Pollock at Boston’s MFA

Top played on my Spotify playlist:

Lord Huron

Glen Hansard, Bon Iver, Elliot Smith, Sigur Ros

What artist(/artists), living or dead, would you like to have drinks with? 

Heather Day

Photo courtesy of Instagram (@heatherday)

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