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What’s a red dot? A note from our founder.

The idea for the RedDot Culture is 99% selfish. Sure I am committed to making the market more approachable to new collectors. But I also found my passion in seeking out great artwork and telling people about it.

I fell in love with art in college, choosing to major in Art History at the University of Pennsylvania after a freshman year survey course: “The Rise of Modern Digital Media”. I was accepted at the Sotheby’s Institute of Art in London to pursue my Masters’ in Art Business. The degree focused heavily on the contemporary art market, a sector of the art world to which I had not yet been introduced. By the end of my first semester, I felt comfortable with terms like “buyer’s premium” (the fee auction buyers fork over to the auction house on top of the sale price) and I knew the difference between a linocut and a lithograph, but I still walked into the galleries of London and felt like the walls were saying “you can’t afford anything here” or worse “if you don’t get this, you’re an idiot.”
This happens everywhere. The traditional gallery space around the world has a history of being unwelcoming. Furthermore, the rules to the art world are murky at best, designed by a select few who want to control who buys what, when, and for how much.
For me, art is about the personal experience between the work and the viewer. Art should evoke an emotion and it shouldn’t be so stressful to start collecting! Every piece I own has a story and stokes a memory or a feeling. I want people to collect for the same reasons, with their eyes and not their ears, because they love the work.
So I invite you to browse our collections as we will regularly add new artwork and thoughtful content to engage new buyers who may also be wary about buying art in the current climate. Enjoy browsing, learning about, and engaging with some really spectacular artists.
And remember to relax. After all, it’s just art.

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  1. Love this insight. I agree – art can be intimidating. Appreciate that you are giving regular Joes like myself a chance to participate in the fun. I love my piece by Kate Farley and Redfield. Can’t wait to frame and hang.

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