1965 Oldsmobile

ArtistErin McCluskey Wheeler

MediumCollage and Acrylic



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About the Art
What the artist says

My dad always noticed cars; driving around California with him, he would point out vintage cars, radical colors, luxury cars, and strange alterations. When I lost both my parents to dementia and shifted from daughter to caretaker, making art kept me grounded. I created new, painted worlds with fantastical deserts and candy colored mountains over vintage car ads cut from magazines.

Why we like it

Erin mixes vintage images with contemporary painting to connect her to previous generations. We love the way she shapes her compositions, finding beauty in reconstruction by creating new forms and layers with color and paper. We love the memory and nostalgia ever-present in this series.

Where we hang it

Hang Erin’s Glitter Highway series in any modern space for a hint of nostalgia.

About the artist

Erin McCluskey Wheeler

Erin McCluskey Wheeler is a painter, collagist, writer, curator, and teacher based in the San Francisco area. Her work is all about reinvention and restoration: she cuts up, groups and rearranges her paintings on paper and found papers in a process of transformation. She is interested in the materiality and weight of paper, the surfaces it leaves behind when torn and removed, and the way colors can evoke memories of people and place. Erin approaches her work almost as a restorer – completing shapes that have been cut, finding the forms under the layers, and matching the colors found. This way of working is a direct result of Erin’s experience as a caretaker for both her parents with early onset dementia. As her parents’ sense of self, autonomy, and connection to the world got smaller and more fragmented, Erin found beauty in reconstruction and in the careful placement of small things.

I like to think that my dad and I were maybe on the same roads; traveling across time and space and riding together on highways made of glitter and possibility.