Blanket Sky

ArtistKate McCammon

MediumSilk, Satin and Velvet



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About the Art
What the artist says

Surface, material, and process are the foundations for what inspires my work. The process usually begins with a curiosity about the materials: the taut weaving of the threads, the elaborate intertwining of each strand, and the fuzzy breakage as they pluck away with every pull of my deconstructive process.

Why we like it

We love how Kate can turn an abstract mixed media work into an outer space horizon.  Her work begs you to take a closer look.

Where we hang it

Anywhere where you can get up close to inspect the intricate detail of the manipulated materials.

About the artist

Kate McCammon

Working from Philadelphia, Kate’s studio practice involves the making of objects out of fabrics, mesh, lace, and other media.  With the naked fabric, she combines subtractive and additive methods to the surface by layering and interweaving other fabrics, zippers, ribbons, strings, and scraps.

A conversation of construction and deconstruction, exposure and concealment, my practice is a matter of weaving and unweaving—taking material away while keeping it together.