ArtistSarala Kasbe

MediumOil on canvas



This piece ships in 1-2 weeks.

About the Art
What the artist says

The patience required when using oil paint is a metaphor for how she sees life: a journey with many layers.

Why we like it

Sarala’s work is all about process: you can really feel her focus and intensity through her textures and gestural brushwork.

Where we hang it

This piece is a great complement to a minimalist, modern living room or bedroom.  Just make sure you can get up close to see its textural details.

About the artist

Sarala Kasbe

As an emerging artist seeking connection with herself, Sarala finds her work registering on an emotional level. Through painting, she has begun to find a sense of purpose and self-compassion. Paint is the one constant she holds onto to keep moving forward and connect with external surroundings. She finds herself in the studio when she needs to express something inside that cannot be successfully communicated in any other way.

Blending mediums helps break down my own weaknesses, regrets, and anxieties – allowing beauty to emerge from pain.