Breath of Life

ArtistHilary Siber

MediumFine Art Archival Print


Edition Size50


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About the Art
What the artist says

Failed attempts of communication and expression can point towards a hope for regeneration and purpose amongst the broken visions and ruptures of paint.

Why we like it

The ethereal nature of Hilary’s abstract landscapes is both calming and vibrant.

Where we hang it

This piece makes a great addition to any gallery wall.

About the artist

Hilary Siber

Hilary’s work utilizes the landscape to visually grapple with the medium as a means of representing the ineffable qualities of human experiences. She believes that our vantage point is critical to explain this paradox and she uses horizon lines, open plains, fissures, architectures and panoramas found within a landscape as opportunities to build new spaces within the field of the canvas.

Landscapes serve as metaphors for my faith.