Central Park, 2016

ArtistAJ Feld

MediumCold Press Digital Print


About the Art
What the artist says

A long walk through Central Park on a scorching summer day, we found a reprieve from the sweltering heat in a long, dark tunnel.

Why we like it

Literally, the light at the end of a dark tunnel.  Who knew a massive black and white photo could exude such hopefulness?

Where we hang it

This is a statement piece.  The bigger sizes can be hung solo, and the smaller editions make a great addition to a gallery wall.

About the artist

AJ Feld

It wasn’t until Manhattan based photographer AJ Feld was gifted a camera that he truly appreciated film and the art of black and white photography.  He has always loved the seemingly simple beauty of the medium, but film forces AJ to slow down, drown out the chaos and focus.  Film makes unique, ordinary moments worth capturing, and those are the moments he tries to share.  His photos are both truthful and cinematographic and they spark our curiosity.

I have always been attracted to the beauty of film.  Its depth and tangibility brings viewers into the scene.  It forces me to slow down and drown out the chaos of the city.  Film makes ordinary moments worth capturing, and those are the moments I try to share.