ArtistAlexei Gural




Titled, signed and dated on back.

About the Art
What the artist says

I am always fascinated with the depths of the human mind; this piece celebrates the colorful complexity of one’s own thoughts, ideas, and memories.

Why we like it

We love the juxtaposition of feminine and edgy, conceptual and figurative in Alexei’s collages.

Where we hang it

With its crisp details, this piece belongs in a hallway or as part of a smaller gallery wall.

About the artist

Alexei Gural

Working out of Athens, Gerogia, Alexei Gural uses collage to find similarities and connections between shape, color, texture, and intention.  He creates something new which photography can’t capture and believes this medium relies heavily on composition, but what is built, what it means, is usually left up to chance.

My workspace is a scattered pile of cut-out images and stacks of ripped-out magazine pages, and from this mess I explore numerous possibilities, remixing and taking apart and remixing again until something catches my eye.