ArtistAmelia Rosales




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About the Art
What the artist says

Amelia is encouraged by the light and colors of her hometown, Cartagena, which she calls “a gem in the Caribbean sea.”  She is constantly looking for inspiration in every remote and dusty corner.

Why we like it

While we love the juxtaposition of line with wild, billowing watercolor paint, it is her balanced composition and her lighthearted subject that has us loving this piece.

Where we hang it

Amelia’s bold pieces are a great addition to any gallery wall.  This smaller work would look great in a powder room, study, or smaller bedroom.

About the artist

Amelia Rosales

Columbia-born Amelia Rosales says every brush stroke and line reflects, in the deepest way, the very fiber of her being.  She credits strength in women as an important source of inspiration in her work, and we applaud her thoughtful use of vivid and mesmerizing colors to portray her subjects.

Every image has been prepared with an unconscious abandonment. There is no plan, everything was invented to be cast into the emptiness without knowing its final destination.