Circles 1

ArtistMelissa Doty

MediumWatercolor on Paper




This piece ships in 1-2 weeks.

The edges of the paper used are unfinished.

About the Art
What the artist says

I enjoy exploring “contained chaos”: transparent and loose watercolor flowers surrounded by a bold gouache background, or watercolor pigments mingling and bleeding within precise geometric shapes.

Why we like it

Simple shapes, uniform repetitions.  Melissa’s brave use of color creates patterns that are vibrant, mesmerizing and organic in their configurations.

Where we hang it

Hang this piece near your front door, so visitors know they’re entering the home of a serious art lover.

About the artist

Melissa Doty

A lifelong doodler, Melissa began drawing and creating with purpose in 2016, eventually finding and falling in love with watercolors.  Melissa is self-taught and works primarily with watercolor and acryla gouache. Her Gemini nature takes her from geometric patterns to bright, punchy florals, and then brings her back to abstract watercolor landscapes inspired by the Appalachian Mountains of her native West Virginia.


I find a lot of inspiration from patterns I encounter every day – cracks in the sidewalk, architectural details, or just various unexpected color combinations.