Dire Mess/Direct Message

ArtistVi Vu

MediumGouache and Ink



Ships in 1-2 weeks

About the Art
What the artist says

As a part of her “Lolololz Shits and Giggles” series, this piece explores the artist’s relationship with social media.

Why we like it

Playful and thoughtful, the wordplay in Vi’s colorful works makes you stop, look, (have a laugh) and reconsider.

Where we hang it

This piece makes a great addition to any gallery wall, but we suggest hanging it somewhere near your front door, so you’re guaranteed a daily chuckle as you leave for work.

About the artist

Vi Vu

Vi Vu is part artist, designer, landscape architect, and wholly vacillator. Whether using imagery or text, ViVu has a knack for graphically compressing narratives into her visual systems to hint playfully at a young social consciousness and anxiety. Most recently, her work has been focused on word play, where she identifies words nestled within words to elucidate these hidden narratives.

If life is about growing and finding ourselves, where does that leave us if we develop two fragmented selves – one crafted the other unfiltered? And was there ever a time where we have felt more together yet even more alone?