Horsing Around I

ArtistElizabeth Harkins

MediumWatercolor & Pencil



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About the Art
What the artist says

From a brief study of sculpture, I came away with a reinvigorated understanding of depth and perspective.  Now I like to treat my paintings as if they were three dimensional, methodically layering elements of my drawings to the point of transformation.

Why we like it

Horsing Around I is both abstract and figurative, and mesmerizes the viewer with its repeated shapes and vivid colors.

Where we hang it

This one needs to be the centerpiece on your gallery wall, or hung solo on a smaller wall.

About the artist

Elizabeth Harkins

The work of Philly based Elizabeth Harkins balances representation with abstraction.  Drawings and paintings of cropped views, canvases filled with lines and color, she abstracts by combining diverse images into one composition or by methodically layering elements of her drawings to the point of transformation.



I aim to derive humor and different meanings from the methodical layering of images and repeated patterns.