I Went Into My Backyard To Make A Call; I Wanted Privacy

ArtistAvery Williamson

MediumAcrylic on Canvas



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About the Art
What the artist says

This piece is inspired by American life in the 2000s. It depicts the imagined human guts or intestines as they digest the news of each day. They dance (and scroll) with worry, fear and excitement.

Why we like it

Avery’s work, though abstract, is mesmerizing in both its clarity and its depiction of her artistic process.

Where we hang it

This work commands your attention.  Hang it solo, anywhere its size can be fully appreciated.

About the artist

Avery Williamson

Avery is based in Ann Arbor, MI and her practice involves weaving, painting, drawing, and writing.  Her work explores how gaps in visual, oral and written documentation can inform the storytelling process.

Many elements of my practice are monotonous and obsessive.  I find pleasure in repeated movements and the space that they give my brain to settle down and settle in.