Ice Cream Sunday

ArtistGrace Mandl

MediumOil on Canvas



This piece ships, unframed and ready to hang, in 1-2 weeks.

About the Art
What the artist says

Some days are wide open windows. Sun streaming in, light is abundant, obvious, and warm. Everything is illuminated and the path forward makes sense. Some are boarded up windows. With only tiny cracks for light. They are cold and dark and the path is anything but clear, with obstacles around all corners. We find ourselves shuffling around; sorting through pain. Softly, tenderly questioning if and when things will make sense again.

Why we like it

Grace uses whimsical titles, bold colors and graphic shapes to depict the challenges and difficulties we face in everyday life.

Where we hang it

Hang this piece anywhere in need of a vibrant color story.

About the artist

Grace Mandl

Grace Mandl is a deeply passionate and principle driven artist, designer, and thinker. Inspired by honesty and kindness, new places and cultures, and the search to understand the human condition, her desire for goodness and light guides her continuous journey for personal and professional growth.

Grace received her bachelors degree in Studio Arts from the University of Southern California before moving to New York to pursue a career in footwear design. She spent five years as a designer in the fashion industry before deciding to paint full time. When she’s not busy making, Grace enjoys listening to live music all over the city, spending lots of time in the sun, improving her yoga practice, & focusing on all things wellness.

Use of color as language is central throughout my work; I have a photographic color memory and this is the foundation for my visual communication.