ArtistAnna Tork

MediumAcrylic on Canvas



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About the Art
What the artist says

A burst of indigo ink is usually a stressful moment, a mistake. But on this ivory canvas, it is intentional, calming.

Why we like it

Anna’s minimalist works are calming but still impactful: we love her use of vivid colors and negative space.

Where we hang it

Hang this piece in a bathroom or in a hallway – make sure you can get up close and personal with the gestured brushstrokes and painterly details.

About the artist

Anna Tork

Anna is an abstract painter living and creating in Brooklyn, NY. Inspired by the colors and layers of nature, abstract impressions from her mind, and the process of creating art itself, she uses her background in product management and design to fuel the exploration of her craft using new colors, techniques, and inspiration. Her paintings balance color, white space, and layers using a variety of media, including acrylics, pastels, graphite, and charcoal.

Every piece is interwoven with peaceful thoughts, happy memories, and a calming scene.