Midnight Garden

ArtistJen Hintz Eggers

MediumOil on Birch Panel



This piece ships, unframed but ready to hang, in 1-2 weeks.

About the Art
What the artist says

Midnight: is it today? Is it tomorrow? The “beginning” of a cycle can be ambiguous.

Why we like it

These works, from Jen’s “Mammary Flowers” series, use color, shadow and depth to explore the complexities and challenges of new motherhood.

Where we hang it

Jen’s work begs for a closer look, so hang this piece anywhere you need a thoughtful pop of impactful color.

About the artist

Jen Hintz Eggers

Jen Hintz Eggers was born and raised near Newark, Delaware and earned a BFA in painting at the University of Delaware. In the following years, she participated with local art organizations and her work was displayed in various locations in and around Wilmington. She is now growing her practice by participating in group shows and artist communities nationally.

As a painter, she explores themes of nourishment, motherhood, and spirituality through illustrative use of color, patterns, and shapes. Her paintings start from direct observation of Mother Nature to create recurring motifs.

As my paintings grow, I include details that remind me of specific memories: local plants or color palettes inspired by the time of day. The arc of my work proceeds as part of my spiritual practice rooted in Nature and celebrating my role as Creatrix – the Female creator.