Over the Buffalo River

ArtistMarley Parsons

MediumWatercolor and gouache on handmade paper



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About the Art
What the artist says

My works range from archival gatherings and replications of colors and patterns found in nature, and outdoor works in conversation with the environment.

Why we like it

Marley’s calming landscapes encourage meditation, inviting viewers to acknowledge their own relationship with the natural world around them.

Where we hang it

These miniature works are a great addition to any gallery wall, but try hanging them solo — with a large mat — in any room that needs a dose of the great outdoors.

About the artist

Marley Parsons

Marley Parsons is a Philadelphia based multidisciplinary artist whose work advocates for acknowledging and unearthing the seen and unseen connections between humans and the earth. Through the use of photography, painting, drawing, video, writing, and foraged earth matter such as scrap bark, pollution, rocks and seaweed, she creates place-based ecological studies that respond to cyclical processes and elementals such as the wind and the sun. Marley’s work has been exhibited across Maryland and in Philadelphia. In the Summer 2021, she was an artist-in-residence in the Studios at Mass MoCA. Marley is a recipient of PAFA’s Fine Arts Venture Fund Grant.

You could say these works are recordings of spaces that will one day cease to exist.