ArtistAlli Conrad

MediumAcrylic on canvas panel



This piece ships in 1-2 weeks.

About the Art
What the artist says

This series represents growth, evolution, and self-awareness and resembles the waves of life. Life is constantly moving whether or not one likes it, but you just have to ride the wave.

Why we like it

Alli used the same vibrant style and design of her “Groovy Baby” series, this time adding a cheeky cocktail!

Where we hang it

Behind the bar, of course. Or anywhere you need a reminder to just let go!

About the artist

Alli Conrad

Alli Conrad is a self-taught, Chinese American artist and muralist currently residing in Los Angeles. She takes her inspiration from global cultures and cities such as Tzfat, South Africa, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Los Angeles. Her art is her own: a linear, whimsical world that she has created from her mind and experiences, a confluence of eastern and western aesthetic traditions.

I prize color for its powerful symbolism and employ it to communicate emotion and mood.