Scenic Route

ArtistElizabeth Harkins

MediumWatercolor, Pencil & Ink




This piece ships in 1-2 weeks.

About the Art
What the artist says

Nature has been and always will be an inspiration for my work.  I am constantly seeing things in my daily routine that beckon to be put on paper.  Treating landscapes and other non-portrait works as if they are portraits has given new definition to my work.

Why we like it

Scenic Route is reminiscent of a Victorian silhouette from the 19th century, an antique made modern with a colorful nature scene behind the equine cutout.

Where we hang it

Scenic Route needs to be the centerpiece of a gallery wall, or solo on a smaller wall where you can really appreciate the details.

About the artist

Elizabeth Harkins

The work of Philly based Elizabeth Harkins balances representation with abstraction.  Drawings and paintings of cropped views, canvases filled with lines and color, she abstracts by combining diverse images into one composition or by methodically layering elements of her drawings to the point of transformation.



I aim to derive humor and different meanings from the methodical layering of images and repeated patterns.