Seated Figure I

ArtistJessamee Sanders

MediumInk on Paper

Dimensions18 x 14"


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About the Art
What the artist says

This body of work was completed exclusively with black inks and white paper as a way of decreasing my distractions in 2020.  Working with only these simple, direct materials I was able to focus deep within myself, just letting my hands do their work with as little interference from my thinking brain as possible.

Why we like it

We are always trying to find the connection between the artist and the artwork: it is refreshing to see Jessamee disassociate with hers while still creating these striking works on paper. We as viewers, however, are captivated by her ethereal and ghost-like subject in this work.

Where we hang it

Minimal art is incredibly versatile: it works on plain white wall as well as one covered in ornate wallpaper.

About the artist

Jessamee Sanders

Jessamee Sanders’ works on paper primarily explore the human figure and are often emotional, spontaeneous and loose. She surrenders control of her lines and forms, often intentionally impairing herself by using her non-dominant hand or placing her brush in the crook of her elbow to draw.  She has been drawing figures since she could hold a pencil and finds the process deeply intuitive and meditative. Jessamee lives and works in upstate New York and has a BFA with honors from the Rhode Island School of Design.

I am inspired to listen to my hands and let them lead the way; trusting in the feeling of a good line as much as the look of it.