Secret (Beer) Garden

ArtistMolly Murray

MediumGouache on paper



This piece ships in 1-2 weeks.

About the Art
What the artist says

Molly portrays her own distractions and impulsivity through vivid colors and intricate textures that give life to her beer cans.

Why we like it

It’s not every day you give a second look to a beer can.  Molly’s patterns, colors, and details make the everyday both mesmerizing and beautiful.

Where we hang it

These minis are all about the details.  A small space is ideal…or you can collect ‘em all for a wow factor gallery wall.

About the artist

Molly Murray

Molly is a Philadelphia raised, Ann Arbor based  artist who draws and paints primarily by hand. As a person with ADHD she struggles with inattention and impulsivity everyday, as an artist she celebrates those qualities. While she is constantly inspired by the world around her, the recurring themes in her work are inspired by her childhood.

I explore the chaos of my imagination with layers of colors, prints, textures and emotions that are grounded in the simple details of every day objects.