ArtistAmelia Rosales

MediumInk on mylar on wood



This piece ships in 1-2 weeks.

About the Art
What the artist says

When you come face to face with the empty space, the eternal whiteness of a canvas or a piece of paper, you lose control and not in a good way. The incessant trembling, the fear of failure and self doubt absorbs you. But when you surrender to the carelessness, thats when things start to occur.

Why we like it

Strong women are play recurring roles in Rosales’ work. Their influence and inspiration drive the her adventurous process. We love the juxtaposition of playful and provocative in this work, with an unusual choice of materials.

Where we hang it

If you’ve got a dressing room or walk in closet, this is the perfect piece, but a bedroom or bathroom works just as well!

About the artist

Amelia Rosales

Columbia-born Amelia Rosales says every brush stroke and line reflects, in the deepest way, the very fiber of her being.  She credits strength in women as an important source of inspiration in her work, and we applaud her thoughtful use of vivid and mesmerizing colors to portray her subjects.

Every image has been prepared with an unconscious abandonment. There is no plan, everything was invented to be cast into the emptiness without knowing its final destination.