Soft As Shadows I

ArtistE.H. Sherman

MediumAcrylic and Pencil




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About the Art
What the artist says

This acrylic and pen work is part of a series inspired by fading afternoon light; the peaceful transition from twilight to evening.

Why we like it

Sherman has a unique ability to depict the tactile world around us with both her color choices and gestural brush strokes. We love Sherman’s swirling combination of moody blues and precise pencil lines.

Where we hang it

This piece makes a perfect edition to any gallery wall.

About the artist

E.H. Sherman

E.H. Sherman is an abstract artist working in Michigan.  Her work is inspired by her 10 years as a resident of Miami.  As a result, it is largely influenced by the rhythms, textures and colors found in nature.  Her paintings reflect the flow of water, earth, and sky.  And it seeks to examine our relationship with the world around us.

Using colors and movement found in my environment, it is my intent to explore and extrapolate on the spirit of these, creating work that echoes their being but invites imagination as well.