Studio at Noon

ArtistAnna Hoppel

MediumOil on Canvas



This piece ships in 1-2 weeks.

About the Art
What the artist says

Painted in the heat of the afternoon, the dynamic interior-exterior binary in this piece shows the relationship between the studio and the landscape, the artist and the city.

Why we like it

Anna warps her perspective and uses an oblong canvas to emphasize the all-encompassing nature of the space and invite us into her creative space, setting the mood with a variety of indigo hues.

Where we hang it

Hang this larger than life canvas on its own wall and get lost in her vibrant workspace.

About the artist

Anna Hoppel

Anna Hoppel is a visual artist based in Philadelphia. She is currently attending the University of Pennsylvania and the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, pursuing a BFA in Painting with a minor in Art History. She’s experienced in a variety of traditional and digital media and is interested in exploring visual imagery as a method of communication and the relationship between fine arts, academic research, and design. Anna co-founded a graphic design and social media marketing startup, Mixbie LLC. She is also an Exhibition Intern at the Penn Museum, a Marketing Assistant and artist member at Da Vinci Art Alliance (DVAA), and a member of the ICA student board.

Anna uses painting as a means of subjective ethnographic study, an exploration of place formed from her own perceptual experiences. Her subjects include urban landscape, interiors, portraits, and invented exploration of subconscious – often combined in a single piece, and always including thresholds. She works primarily from direct observation of life but also experiments with memory, sketches, photography, and invention, which she considers mediated forms of observation.

Place is a medium for me to explore subject matter such as my own subconscious; the people and institutions around me; and emotional states such as grief, love, betrayal, and rebirth.