The Rear View Mirror

ArtistGrace Mox

MediumHandpainted and printed Monotype


Edition Size1


This piece ships in 1-2 weeks.

About the Art
What the artist says

Grace’s prints invite the viewer to allow their imagination to run wild and memories to surface. What stories or thoughts do you associate with the image? Will the story be something comforting and familiar to come back to or will the image be a portal to new stories and associations?

Why we like it

Grace’s prints somehow maintain a texture and three-dimensionality, inviting the viewer into her layered world.

Where we hang it

Grace’s small landscapes are great gallery wall additions, but to truly experience its layered depth, make sure you can get up close and personal with this one.

About the artist

Grace Mox

Whether her images are created from observation, photographs, memories, or emotions, Grace enjoys making designs that show off the strengths of the material she chooses. The meaning is embedded in the clear shapes cut out of a pine block in a woodcut print, the simplified colors of a landscape scene remembered in the mind’s eye in paint, and the flow of the continuous lines in a monotype that suggest many subjects but don’t resemble any singular one.

As someone deeply excited by the limitless mediums possible in art, Grace Mox explores painting, printmaking, drawing, collage, and animation to name a few. She currently lives and works in Philadelphia.

In the process of creation, we learn to understand that every aspect of the artwork is important, that every shape is important. We become more sensitive to every shape’s unique role in the context of the story we’re building.