Untitled #5. New Mexico

ArtistAlly Soule




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About the Art
What the artist says

I have discovered a genuine urgency in the trades of the American West and have spent the last few years photographing cattle brandings and daily life.

Why we like it

Ally’s striking black and white photographs speak to the cultural and economic climate of our nation and its history. Her work reflects a timeless moment.

Where we hang it

Ally’s photos come in three sizes and can work alone or as part of a large gallery wall. We also love the story told by the collective series: they can easily be hung as a group along a hallway wall.

About the artist

Ally Soule

Allison Soule is an interdisciplinary artist based in Los Angeles. Her most recent body of work explores New Mexico as she remains inspired by the Old American West. Having spent time working as a horse wrangler and ranch hand, Soule shares her perspective on a pocket of this country’s culture that has not changed for many years. 

The challenges proposed by the medium of photography are so varied, whether working to accurately capture the light and subject or to reinvent these things all together. Playing with exposure is fascinating and subtle maneuvers can change the viewer’s perception of any subject.