Winona 2

ArtistErin Patton-McFarren




This piece ships in 1-2 weeks.

It can be hung both vertically and horizontally.

About the Art
What the artist says

The interplay of elements in natural create a spontaneous moment on paper, gently marketing time and place, making what begins as a simple form of photography into the ephemeral print.

Why we like it

The foundational themes of Erin’s work – travel, adventure, meditation, contemplation, light and nature – are even more pronounced in these larger pieces.

Where we hang it

These larger works can stand on their own in a living room, study or bedroom. Erin created them with no specific orientation in mind, so they work both vertically and horizontally.

About the artist

Erin Patton-McFarren

Erin Patton-McFarren creates experimental cyanotypes from her studio in Fort Wayne, Indiana and along waterways wherever her adventures take her. Her creative practice involves constant exploration, process and experimentation. The cyanotype process begins with the preparation of materials in the dark, mixing chemistry and painting it on papers. In contrast, her work is completed by working outdoors with natural elements as her tools: wind, water and most importantly, light.

The flowing, changing current of the water source is a reminder to live fully and to keep moving. These works illustrates our natural conflicts, the impermanence of existence and the need to record and mark our place.