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What the artist saysI work mainly on raw unprimed canvas because it allows for the paint to stain the canvas. This pigment hides within the nooks and crannies of my layers, revealing itself only to those who stand a little closer.
Why we like itJennifer’s layers are incredibly versatile: they are as impactful on this oversized canvas as on her smaller works.
Where we hang itThis canvas packs a punch: hang this front and center for maximum effect.

About the Artist

Jen Sanders
Saint Louis native and self-taught artist Jen Sanders has been exploring her creativity in painting for several years. By day, she works in the field of design as a User Experience designer and although she flexes her creative muscles in her day job, software design can be bound by the limitations of the company stakeholders and the users. For this reason, Jen is drawn to the limitless creativity of abstract expressionism. She considers herself a “maker”, specifically drawn to painting. Her evolution into abstract art allows her to gain new experiences and explore her creativity - approaching every blank canvas with optimism and excitement. The range of her talent and willingness to try new things is continuously evolving and expanding up in every new painting.

““Winging it” is what leads me to finish a painting - a splatter of some hope, faith and a whole lot of faking it.”

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