Desiderata No. 1

Desiderata No. 1

ArtistKristen Taylor
MediumWatercolor and Ink on Paper
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About the Art

What the artist saysKristen's geometric compositions speak to the communication between shapes and lines that balance positive and negative space. While elegantly minimalist, they also suggest architectural motifs and a symbiotic relationship to nature.
Why we like itShapes, lines, colors and layers give complexity to Kristen's geometric works.  This series is stunningly bold and geometric.  Easily accessible, they are a great entry point into collecting abstract art.
Where we hang itWe love the way this work compliments its counterparts “Desiderata 2”, creating a sense of balance while still depicting hectic emotion.

About the Artist

Kristen Taylor
Indiana-born artist Kristen Taylor works out of Los Angeles and South Atlanta.  She began painting as a young child and continued growing her talent during her continued studies at the Art Institute of Indianapolis as well as UCLA. Her portfolio is full of paintings, mixed media collages and a vast collection of pastel works on paper.  Kristen's work speaks to life's ups and downs and the need for guided faith.

“At times I have looked at things in life and thought they were simplistic, structural, and binary. And then moments when I felt blinded by colors and full of love and movement. There are two sides to everything, however the goal is to create a balance.”

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