ArtistNealy Hauschildt
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About the Art

What the artist saysMy work explores our attraction to nature through isolating the fundamental elements of the natural world. I aim for my paintings to transport us to nature through color and feeling.
Why we like itFocusing on color, texture and layering, Nealy is able to convey so much through minimalism. Her thoughtful palate makes her works highly collectable.
Where we hang itCollect several works from Nealy's colorful assortment and turn any wall into a (color) block party!

About the Artist

Nealy Hauschildt
Nealy Hauschildt’s paintings explore the natural world through color and shape. Highly expressive in style, her luminous watercolors capture the essence of land, sea, and sky and explore our innate attraction to these fundamental elements. Hauschildt channels her feelings toward nature into washes of paint, layering transparencies of color, to achieve soft and subtle undulations.

Originally from Boston, MA, Hauschildt moved to New York City after graduating from the University of Michigan with a BFA. Her work has been featured in publications such as CandyFloss Magazine and can be found in private art collections across the country.

“I borrow colors from land, sea, and sky, translating them into transparent washes of watercolor in calming, stimulating, or compelling combinations”

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