Idaho 1

Idaho 1

ArtistMegan Mack
Dimensions4.2 x 3.5"
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About the Art

What the artist saysI took these polaroids in Moscow, Idaho after I was quarantined in New York during COVID-19. For the sake of my sanity, I drove west to resolve my craving to be in nature. There, standing amongst the trees, trying to hold each ephemeral breath within my own, watching the light dance atop each leaf, and the mountain mist billow around me. I wanted to capture this aura within a frame; encapsulate it, take it home with me—have the feeling forever.

Why we like itThese small works have remarkable depth to them. Megan is able to capture so much in the tiny frame of the polaroid. Her sepia works depict timeless moments and an elegant stillness found perennially in nature.
Where we hang itThis piece works great in a small space, on a bookshelf or in an office. Or you can collect all three and hang them together for maximum wall impact.

About the Artist

Megan Mack
Santa Monica native Megan Mack grew up with a lasting awareness of the socio-cultural power of fame and the entertainment industry. In high school, she turned to photography as a way to find meaning in an already image-saturated world and help bring her own empathetic vision to life. After graduating from Art Center College of Design, she began to focus on commercial portraiture where she brings a deep introspection and subtle empathy to each portrait. She seeks fascinating people, magical places, compelling causes, sub-cultures, and untold stories.

“I'm inspired by a deep desire to connect to other humans in some way, shape, or form. If there is a world I'm unfamiliar with and develop an interest in, I challenge myself to dive into it.”

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