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4 Reasons to Collect Caitlin Carney

California-based artist Caitlin Carney uses abstract shapes and bold colors to portray her real world life experiences. Her work is accessible to collectors at all levels, but in case you need convincing, here are four reasons you should be collecting work by Caitlin Carney.

1. Her original interest was design

Caitlin's composition of shapes, texture, and color are a clear nod to her design background, and her work demonstrates a versatility that will appeal to a variety of collectors.

"Playing No. 1" and "Playing No. 2"

2. Two works are better than one.

Each Caitlin Carney original is powerful enough to stand on its own, but when hung with its partner work, it takes on a new meaning, playing off the color and pattern of the complementing work. We bet you can't buy just one...

3. That texture...

"Exploring No. 1" (detail)

Upon close inspection, Caitlin's brushwork is clearly visible, inviting the viewer into her process. Her shapes and colors complement the painterly quality of each piece.

4. Her work is an abstract visual interpretation of the world around her.

Caitlin pulls inspiration from her everyday lived experience. Sounds, moods, colors, patterns are all depicted through an abstract lens, but they illicit real human emotion.

"Swimming No. 2"

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