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If these (office) walls could talk...

Do you ever feel haunted by the landscape painting in the lobby of your building? Is there even a painting or do you work in a glorified asylum? Ever consider collecting art (or asking your boss to)? Of course it’s an added expense to any company’s budget. But the benefits of a thoughtful art collection can pretty much guarantee a solid ROI.

"Wimbledon" by AJ Feld | 40x60" | Edition of 15| $950

Art fits perfectly into the idea of the modern office: co-working spaces with modern furniture, sleek law firms with glass conference rooms and glossy reception desks. The general idea being: hey, we like being here. Historically we operated under the idea that work was work, full stop. You weren’t supposed to enjoy your workplace surroundings. What better way to entice potential employees, wow clients, and make you feel like work isn’t all that bad than with an art collection? But art can do so much more than “spruce up the place.” It can also serve to educate, to give back, and to enhance personal wellbeing.

So why should my company be spending money on an art collection?

For a number of reasons! First we’ll state the superficial one: aesthetics.

At the very least, your office will look cooler, smarter, more interesting. It will be memorable and will boost employee mentality and impress clients and visitors. A thoughtful art collection can educate everyone who sees it about cultures from around the world. UBS, one of the largest corporate collectors in the world, looks to its art collection as a way to provoke thought while being inspirational. “We are also committed to supporting and encouraging the artistic communities in places where we do business.” Furthermore, a corporate art collection can strengthen a company’s cultural diversity and speaks to its brand identity, its ethos and its core values. Which leads me to the next reason why your company should be collecting art…

UBS Office, Brisbane

Office art is a tool for social engagement

Companies can align with and improve the regional and national cultural economies of their area by buying and displaying the works of local artists. Deutsche Bank, which holds one of the world’s largest corporate art collections, says: “As a global bank we want to understand, and engage with, different regions and cultures, which is why the Deutsche Bank Collection features contemporary artists from all over the globe. Art is displayed throughout our offices globally, challenging us to think differently, inviting us to look at the world through new eyes.”

Deutsche Bank Office, NYC

Art starts a conversation!

Between two colleagues, between an employee and a potential investor, between two clients in the lobby. An art collection is not only a strategic financial asset, but can act as an investment in employees’ wellbeing and intellectual stimulation. People who might not otherwise interact can engage in a conversation over a work of art that they might never interact with outside of work.

Bonus! Depending on your location, office décor can be deducted as a business expense! Check your local and national tax laws for the specifics about write-offs.

RedDot Top Art Picks for the Office

We have put together a collection of office appropriate works for sale on RedDot Culture that can help achieve the goals we outlined above. Check it out here.

Looking for something more bespoke? Drop us a line ( and we’ll talk about your wants, needs and budget for the walls of your business.

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