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“I Don't Have Room” And Other Excuses Why You Aren't Buying Art...Yet.

People are understandably wary about dealing with the art world. It's historically exclusive and opaque. But we're busting through all the excuses we've heard over the years about why you aren't buying art. We hope that by the end of this post, you'll be itching to buy a new piece and we're linking our collection here to make it a little easier:)

Excuse 1: I don’t have room

Do you have walls in your home? Then you have room for art. Look for smaller pieces (like these) that don’t command a lot of square footage but still pack a visual punch. Already have a huge collection? Time to learn how to rotate works. Too much art is a good problem to have!

Excuse 2: I don’t know what’s good.

This is both frustrating and understanding. The market has been built around the idea that only a select few experts can decide what is good, important, worthy of adulation. One of the traps new collectors often fall into is they buy with their ears instead of their eyes. Translation: they buy what someone tells them to buy. While seeking advice on a purchase, especially a significant one, is never a bad idea, you are the one who has to live with the piece, so it’s important that you love it. Great collectors strive to create a collection that conveys something about themselves. Collecting art allows us to articulate our personality and our taste, on our walls. And what begins as “the desire to possess” turns into “a profound need to share”.

Art will become the first thing you see when you walk into a collector’s home, and it is truly transformative. Each piece of a collection tells a story and you will become proud of these narratives. Art is a great way to discover new cultures outside of our own. It ignites a conversation about ideas, inspirations and motivations of differing societies and experiences. Through collecting and discovering different artists, artworks, and collectors, we deepen our knowledge and appreciation of the world around us. If you are thoughtful about what you buy and buying what you love, then it’s “good”. It will never go out of style, you’ll never get sick of it, and you will be glad you took the leap.

Excuse 3: I can’t afford it.

Wrong. False. You think you can’t afford art because the only art you hear about is the the record breaking work that makes the NYTimes or Wall Street Journal. Fun fact: a Damien Hirst piece, bought at his art school show for $600, was just sold last week for over $1m. We’re not saying you should be buying art with the goal of this kind of return. But even record breaking artists had humble beginnings with modest prices. RedDot prices range from $50 to $1500 and we did that on purpose, to attract buyers working with a variety of budgets. Because everyone should have access to affordable art.

Excuse 4: I don’t know the first thing about buying art

On the one hand it sounds like a cop out, especially in the age of the internet. Why do my most independent, strong willed peers suddenly cower in the face of a canvas? On the other hand, I get it. It took many, many years for me to become comfortable with the ins and outs of buying and selling art, and there are still times I don’t feel welcome in this world.

The system is broken. Gallery assistants aren’t helpful (there I said it): I rarely see a smile and getting prices is like pulling teeth. Did you know some galleries will refuse to sell to a “nobody”--sorry, that’s you--even if you have the money? They claim it is to control the provenance (art world speak for “history of ownership”). In reality, it unfairly skews the playing field against new buyers. Bottom line: the art world is stuck in its ways and refuses to budge an inch. But I’ll let you in on a secret that few are wiling to admit: buying art is easy. Just check out our Six Tips to Go From Art Lover to Art Collector.

Excuse 5: I don’t really like art

If this is true, it’s sad. But I don’t believe you. Everyone likes art. So just cut it out.

Buying art is within reach -- don't let anyone tell you otherwise! We're here to make the whole process accessible and affordable.

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