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Gift Giving? We've Got the Art For That!

Art is a reflection of who you are, so it may seem too personal to give as a gift. However, it also can also tick the elusive "thoughtful" and "best present ever" boxes we all strive for in our gift gifting. While any RedDot artwork would make a fantastic gift, here are a few suggestions we’re pretty sure you didn’t think of.

For the man in your life who still has movie posters on his wall...

The bottle of artisanal whiskey you got him last year is still gathering dust on top of his fridge, and let’s get real: he doesn’t want another pair of L.L. Bean winter boots (and they are probably on backorder anyway). New York photographer AJ Feld has a unique ability bring depth and tangibility to the seemingly ordinary moments he captures. New York, NY 2015 is the perfect blend of nature and cityscape, and in three sizes, it can fit in any room. We’re partial to the oversized 40x60” size though—it really packs a visual punch!
New York, NY 2015, $350-950

For the one who never looks up from her phone...

We’re obsessed with Vi Vu and her “Lololoz Shitz and Giggles” series, which focuses on word play by identifying words nestled within words to expose hidden narratives. But you can just tell her it’s like her Snapchat/Insta story/AIM (do people use AIM anymore?) inspired an artistic movement. And if she Snaps it she’ll get so many views.
Dire Mess/Direct Message, $50

For your Mom...

She gave birth to you and has put up with your shenanigans for how many years? Better make it a good one. Nothing is going to repay her for the decades of laundry she has done for you, but a vibrant photograph like No. 67,--part of a collaboration by Kate Farley & Redfield), will come closer than a sad bouquet of roses that’s really just on a slow march towards a wilting death.
No. 67, $100-500
Art as a gift doesn’t have to have deep complex layers and it certainly doesn’t have to be existential. Consider the recipients style, passions and hobbies and pick a piece that will compliment them! Check out the complete RedDot Gift Guide for more great ideas! Did you know… RedDot is now offering advisory services for more customized assistance in your art purchases. Whether you’re looking for one piece or many, we work with a variety of artists, galleries, dealers and auction houses to find whatever you’re looking for, including gifts for any and every occasion! Contact us at to get started.
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