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Spotlight on: Elizabeth Harkins

Philly-based artist Liz Harkins is best known for her treatment of landscapes and other figurative subjects as if they were portraits. Her practice of methodically layering elements of her drawings to the point of transformation has given new definition to her work. We sat down with Liz to talk about all things art and collecting, including advice for new collectors and her dream artist dinner guests.

My favorite medium is: colored pencil

I started creating in: I have paintings I did as a child in 1990! But professionally not until 2014.

I am a full time / part-time artist: Part-time

A common misconception about contemporary artists is: That they are self centered individuals. I mean, I suppose a few are!

The most surprising thing I’ve discovered about collectors is: What they find interesting about artwork.

The Cliff Rider | 9x12" | $200

My most unorthodox source of inspiration is: buildings and structures.

The one piece of advice I would give people who want to start collecting art is: go with your gut!

The last piece I bought and loved was: an oil painting portrait by a fellow classmate of mine from PAFA.

When I walk into an art gallery, my first thought is: let’s see what they got!

If I didn’t live in Philly, I would live in Kauai, Hawaii.

The last great art show I saw was: Jennifer Bartlett at Locks Gallery

A few more questions. Living or dead…

…what artist would you follow on Instagram? Van Gogh

…what artist would you most like to have drinks with? Banksy

…what artists are at your dinner party table? Vincent Desiderio, El Greco and David Hockney

Image result for david hockney photo
David Hockney, in 2017, sitting on his deck.

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