Nebula 4

ArtistE.H. Sherman

MediumAcrylic & Pastel on Canvas



This piece is sold in a floating black wood frame. It ships in 1-2 weeks.

About the Art
What the artist says

Sherman’s work is clearly influenced by nature and the world around us.  She explores the spirit of the colors and movements she observes in an effort to both echo nature and spark our imagination.

Why we like it

Sherman’s intuition is obvious in the gestural rhythms with which she paints.  We can immediately identify Sherman’s depiction of the universe through her abstract and gestural practice.

Where we hang it

This piece is an homage to the expansiveness of the universe.  Hang it as the cornerstone of any gallery wall.

About the artist

E.H. Sherman

Ellen Sherman is an abstract painter living and working in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Ellen’s mixed media work is heavily influenced by her time living in Miami (2008-2018) where she observed and documented the the ebb and flow of the tides and the power of the water of the Atlantic. Her fascination with the movement of the ocean during this time carries into her current work, as the random nature of the water flow is carefully preserved. Her process marries the chaos of pools of water and color, with planned contour and gesture lines referencing her subject; which is usually rooted in a pattern, texture or movement found in nature.

Ellen received her BFA in Studio Art from Michigan State University in 2008 and has also studied at Arizona State University.

Using colors and movement found in my environment, it is my intent to explore and extrapolate on the spirit of these, creating work that echoes their being but invites imagination as well.