Nude No. 12

ArtistElizabeth Becker

MediumWatercolor on Paper



This piece ships in 1-2 weeks.

About the Art
What the artist says

Emotional release and expressive experimentation with water are important to Elizabeth’s process, as she works intuitively, allowing colors to bleed together and slowly bloom.

Why we like it

The lines on these figurative pieces are minimal to the point of abstraction.  But that lends itself to the idea of the abstraction of humanity that Liz is trying to illustrate.


Where we hang it

Figurative art works well as the focal point above a fireplace or as part of a hallway gallery wall.

About the artist

Elizabeth Becker

Elizabeth works primarily in watercolors. She is drawn to the spontaneity and immediacy of this medium, which has taught her to become present in the moment, relinquish control and embrace imperfections. Her paintings are an exploration of emotion, the human condition and our spiritual connection to nature. Through evolving layers and abstractions, Liz hopes to capture the elusive, transcendent essence of her subjects.

I am inspired by emotion, the spiritual connection to nature, the present moment, and humanity.