Ancient Patterns

Ancient Patterns

ArtistGrace Mox
MediumHandpainted Monotype
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About the Art

What the artist saysI'm inspired by nature and sound and like to blend the two together into beautiful patterns. Painting the long fluid lines of these prints evokes a sense of calm. Trace the flowing lines with your eyes and you will experience that calm as well.
Why we like itGrace has a unique ability to incorporate sound into her work, depicting vibrations through the colors and shapes of her materials. For her ghost prints, she uses the residual paint left on the plate from her monotypes to create distinct, original pieces with their own story.
Where we hang itThis maximalist work is the perfect complement to your most minimalist space.

About the Artist

Grace Mox
Whether her images are created from observation, photographs, memories, or emotions, Grace enjoys making designs that show off the strengths of the material she chooses. The meaning is embedded in the clear shapes cut out of a pine block in a woodcut print, the simplified colors of a landscape scene remembered in the mind’s eye in paint, and the flow of the continuous lines in a monotype that suggest many subjects but don’t resemble any singular one.

As someone deeply excited by the limitless mediums possible in art, Grace Mox explores painting, printmaking, drawing, collage, and animation to name a few. She currently lives and works in Philadelphia.

“In the process of creation, we learn to understand that every aspect of the artwork is important, that every shape is important. We become more sensitive to every shape’s unique role in the context of the story we’re building.”

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