ArtistShaleen Garba
MediumAcrylic on Canvas
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About the Art

What the artist saysThe relationships between my brushstrokes, bold shapes and delicate layers pay homage to life's jubilance.
Why we like itShaleen’s fearless use of color creates dynamic relationships between shapes and layers, creating a figurative scene with only abstract shapes.
Where we hang itShaleen's work makes a statement: hang it solo as the focal point in any room.

About the Artist

Shaleen Garba
Shaleen Garba is a contemporary artist based in Atlanta, GA, who communicates through the language of color, organic shapes, and expressive mark-making. She continues to explore her relationship with paint and the tools she uses, which includes pallet knives, spray bottles, and her own hands to scratch the painted surface of her canvases. It's a never-ending journey of humility, confidence, and joy. Her abstract compositions are formed organically as paint, pencil, oil stick, and water are applied to the canvas. These varied applications allow fine lines, saturated fields of color and blurred pools of diluted pigment to dance across the surface. ​

Her work has been displayed at the Atlanta College of Art in Atlanta, GA, New York City's Times Square billboards, the Sewell Mill Cultural Center and Serendipity Labs in Atlanta, the M.A.D.S. Art Gallery in Milan, the Art 4 You Gallery in Dubai, Collective 131 Gallery, CREATE! Magazine, The World Art Guide, and Al-Tiba9 Contemporary Art Magazine.


“Making art is an essential, emotional declaration when words just won't do.”

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