It moves

It moves

ArtistAmelia Rosales
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About the Art

What the artist saysTearing colored paper, begging this inanimate object, this unfamiliar material to glide in the way I want it to but these papers are as rebellious as they come. They never tear in the way I want. No matter how much I plan, it never works out the way I was anticipating. So I must go by the paper, let it take complete control.
Why we like itWithout pen or brush, Amelia creates visually impactful works using only her hands, succumbing to the will of her page and the way in which it chooses to tear.
Where we hang itThese colorblocked works will add bold hues to any monochromatic space, but they also pair well with any maximalist theme.

About the Artist

Amelia Rosales
Columbia-born Amelia Rosales says every brush stroke and line reflects, in the deepest way, the very fiber of her being.  She credits strength in women as an important source of inspiration in her work, and we applaud her thoughtful use of vivid and mesmerizing colors to portray her subjects.

“Every image has been prepared with an unconscious abandonment. There is no plan, everything was invented to be cast into the emptiness without knowing its final destination.”

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