Joshua Tree

Joshua Tree

ArtistMonica Griffin
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About the Art

What the artist saysMy “In the Wild” series juxtaposes art and muse: the medium of painting photographed within the vast, natural landscape that inspired it.
Why we like itMonica’s melds her media together as a homage to the natural world around her. She ignites her landscapes with bold, impactful colors.
Where we hang itThis surreal photograph is sure to spark questions. Be sure to hang it where visitors can see it and inquire.

About the Artist

Monica Griffin
Monica Griffin is a multidisciplinary artist living and working in Los Angeles. Her work has evolved greatly since the start of the pandemic as she began spending a lot of time exploring California’s landscapes. “In the Wild” is a series rooted in learning about fragility and gratitude. In her process, she scouts a location and paints a large scale canvas depicting the feeling or mood inspired by that place. She then returns to the location with the painting and photographs it. She feels this is the most holistic way to view and enjoy her work. Her goal is ultimately to evoke an appreciation and feeling of synergy with our world.

“Ultimately, I want each piece and its environment to work together to create a beautiful homage to Mother Earth.”

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