Nude I

Nude I

ArtistMara Safransky
MediumOil Pastel on Paper
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About the Art

What the artist saysThrough abstraction and a reimagining of the everyday, this piece invites the viewer to reinterpret the world around them in fresh, inspired and unfamiliar ways.
Why we like itFigurative yet abstract, explicit yet discreet, Nude I is just the right amount of suggestive.  Safransky’s gestural style and simple color palette allow us to see the effort behind her work.
Where we hang itSolo on a smaller wall, so you can get up close and personal with her!

About the Artist

Mara Safransky
Based in Portland, OR, Mara works across a variety of mediums including paint, pastel, and fiber-based sculpture.  Strongly influenced by the work of the Abstract Expressionists, she uses color, shape, and movement to engage viewers in a subjective, freely-associative experience.

“I create each piece with the intent that viewers layer their memories and experiences atop my own; that each will divine personal significance that is distinct and meaningful.”

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