ArtistJordan Grace Owens
MediumGouache on Paper
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About the Art

What the artist saysWithin my kaleidoscopic compositions, new shapes emerge from negative space, all with an energetic mix of playfulness and tension.
Why we like itJordan is able to manipulate the fluidity of the gouache to create organic yet vibrant shapes.
Where we hang itThis piece would work well in a smaller space or as a dynamic addition to any gallery wall.

About the Artist

Jordan Grace Owens
Jordan Grace Owens is a Durham-based emerging artist who creates abstract, multi-media compositions of fragmented and reassembled shapes. She brings an eye for vibrant color palettes together with an expressive approach to shapes, creating dynamic compositions that suggest a corporeal push and pull. Turning to studio work after a decade-long career in figurative and portrait illustration, Owens’ abstract works explore a fluidity of physical form and probe at the edges of autonomy using shapes that are figurative, shifting, and relational. Much of her work expresses a maternal subjectivity; she works in her studio in the spaces between parenting her two young children.

“I approach my abstract shapes like figures, and I’m interested in exploring the relationships between them; the ways they press against, fold around, and even intrude each upon the boundaries of one another.”

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